"Rise" is biblical word that is frequently used by God or a disciple to empower and encourage oneself to get up. This logo was aimed to represent how we are God's creation (epic poem, workmanship) and are called to RISE up to do great and mighty things for the Kingdom. Painting being a main activity during the event, gold brush strokes are incorporated in the logo to create artistic expression. The prophetic meaning of gold is: glory, divinity, health, growth, refinement, purification, blessing, honor, majesty, authority, heavenly, inheritance, and God's presence.

This card includes the mission, theme verse, and I AM declarations. 

These are RISE take-away cards to bring encouragement and Truth to people. Colors have different prophetic meanings. Maroon, olive, sapphire, and orange were the colors that were carefully selected to represent our mission for the event. These colors were were the paint colors used on the canvas as well as gold. The front of these cards provide the prophetic meanings of each color and the back of the card includes a verse and various quotes by pastors that relate to each color.

These are the 2 posters from the RISE line—where creations are made to bring encouragement and Truth. This is a series experimenting with typographic lockups of scripture.

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